Been playing with the concepts of words, language and communication- where they intersect, where they diverge and where they can even directly oppose each other. Words are linear, they have exact definitions- which allows for clear and direct communication. But nothing in life is really all that clear or direct, and that’s where words fail […]

Necromantic (Or Two Heads Are Better Than None)

I wrote this piece of text a while back when I was preparing for this headless photo shoot. It was around the time where I was finally coming out of the deep traumas that I had recently been through. I was still processing them (and still am) but I was finally starting to catch glimpses […]

Dead Flowers, June 2021 (7 images)

Fuck your flowers Fuck your romance Fuck your self involved ideations Fuck your wilted Fuck your petals Fuck the voices in your head  Fuck your seeds Fuck the water  Drain the well Do you know what this is?  Fuck your DMT LSD MSY SFO Feather River Road  You don’t know what this is Fuck your […]

Lines of Broken Light: April 2021 (8 images)

I wrote this text to go with the images. It’s rather depressing and has a *trigger warning: rape* associated with it. I might turn it into a monologue for a piece that I’m working on. I might not. Anyway, if you want to scroll past the text and get to the images, I won’t be […]

Like Sugar: March 2021 (7 Images)

It’s been almost a year since I’ve managed to take a self portrait. Going through this year- the pandemic, the joblessness, the homelessness, the fire, losing unemployment, losing family, the sheer and utter shattering sensation of major life changing heart break… simply being-  taking another breath in and another breath out is an act of […]

A Portrait From Quarantine. May, 2020 (1 image)

It’s taken me three months to take this photograph. Every once in a while I’ll prop my phone up on some pillows or books trying to create the right camera angle, or I’ll hang up a coat trying to makeshift a quarantine backdrop. Sometimes I take my sun lamp from the bedroom to the bathroom […]

#nofilter psychedelics, March 2020(12 images)

Besides cropping, these photos are completely unedited. I was shooting in a room with no natural light and poor overhead lighting, so I had to get creative. I used large clear sequins from a sequined jacket (Mardi Gras costume), kaleidoscope goggles (also a Mardi Gras costume) and a SAD sun lamp from when I tried […]

I’m Not Afraid Anymore, December 2019 (6 images)

I’m not afraid anymore. For so long I was taught to be afraid of my body. To be ashamed of it. But I’m not afraid anymore. It’s taken a long time to grow past the notions that I was taught to believe growing up. I was a ballet dancer. My teachers told me that my […]

And So I Thrive, June 2019

  I’ve written about my experiences with Epstein Barr here before.  A few months ago I found a book entitled “The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases” by Jacques Martel.  It lists the emotional constructs at the root of all diseases and dis-eases that humans experience.  When I looked up my symptoms, the wisdom that […]