Necromantic (Or Two Heads Are Better Than None)

I wrote this piece of text a while back when I was preparing for this headless photo shoot. It was around the time where I was finally coming out of the deep traumas that I had recently been through. I was still processing them (and still am) but I was finally starting to catch glimpses of myself as a human again; I was just starting to be in touch with the sensations of hope, joy and love. I’ve come a long way since then and finally feel comfortable showing my face in connection with my body, so you can expect to see more complete images of me, face and all in the near future.

Something interesting happened while editing this set. I was in the middle of removing my head and the image that was going to be the blank wall where my head would usually be started to show through, and I really liked the way that it looked, so I began to work on it some more. I’ve included the image here with the alternate title of “Two Heads Are Better Than None.” Perhaps it’s a visual representation of the woman I was fading away like shedded skin, and the woman I am becoming emerging through the chaos and ashes. Maybe I have a two headed monster fetish. Maybe I just got lucky in the editing process and stumbled across something visually cool that can stand on its own regardless of any meaning that may or may not be put onto it. Anyway, that’s not for me to decide. That’s for you to decide, if you choose to do so. Here’s the original text that was written to accompany these photos. And check out the uncensored version of these photos and all of my fine art nude work at

I’m finally feeling like myself again. I’m finally feeling safe enough to have my face and my body be photographed together in the same image. But before I move on with a joyful expression of living, I’ve got to pay homage to the ghosts, and everyone who still believes in the stories that we tell.

Here’s to the necromancers

Who pulled me out of the depths of the dead

Who communed with my ghost

When I left the realms of the living.

Here’s to those who divined my words

From the silent circles of my mouth

And the inkless text on a paperless page.

Here’s to those who believe in the dead

And never lost faith in my living.

You know who you are.

And you know who you aren’t.

Thank you for bringing me back.