The Greater the Risk, The Greater the Reward. October, 2018 (3 Images)

So… I tore my calf muscle.

Everything happens for a reason.

I’m grateful for the good that will come from this experience.

But right now, I’m stuck in my apartment because I can’t walk.  I’m taking a ton of Epsom Salt baths to soothe my calf muscle and eating a lot of pomegranate seeds, because somebody told me they’re good for muscle regeneration.

And I figured, if the hospital gives you a bright yellow “Fall Risk,” bracelet, you might as well document it.

I’m calling this series “The Greater the Risk, the Greater the Reward.”

All of these photos were taken in the bath tub.  The black and white image with the red lips was actually taken while I was underwater, but through the editing, you aren’t really able to tell.

So… what do you think is worth taking a risk for?

(Just remember, even if you fall flat on your face and end up in the hospital with a torn calf muscle, it’s probably worth it.  Too bad I wasn’t doing anything exciting when I tore my calf muscle.)

Taken on iPhone 6S.  New Orleans, LA