On Art and Yoga, November 2017 (7 Images)

A lot of people have been asking me lately:

“What are you working on?”

“What are you writing?”

“What are you creating?”

And my answer seems to bring a little disappointment to those eagerly awaiting the next play written by Claire Christine Sargenti.  (I promise there will be another one!)  Sometimes I say that I’m working on my Feminist Art for True Nature Child.  Sometimes I say I’m creating Essential Oil blends for Earth Goddess by True Nature Child.  Although these projects get my creative juices flowing AND help to put food on my table, they don’t quite qualify as high art and thus, seem to be an unacceptable answer for the inquiring minds.

The real answer to those questions is even farther past the expected.  It’s not a new edgy ballet.  It’s not a new play filled with sex, drugs, and a jazz orchestra.  It’s not my first novel.  It might not be exciting to my followers at all.

The answer is Me.  I’m working on Me.  I’m recreating myself.  I’m rewriting my life and my future.  I’m starting to find peace and contentment in my life.  I’m letting go of my ego and my pain, and embracing the shadow as a part of my LIGHT.  And it’s through yoga that I’ve found this new way of being.  Specifically teaching yoga.  I feel like I have been given a purpose and a mission: to heal others with love. And to be able to heal others, I must fist heal myself.

I still believe in the power of art to heal.  I still believe in the healing qualities of beauty and the unifying essence in storytelling.  I am still an artist.  But right now I am taking a moment to heal myself.  To grow.  To learn.  To experience.  To love.  And when I step back in to creating a new work that is outside of myself, I will have grown as an artist.  And my art will be transformed. I’m not sure what it will look like exactly.  It might be a little less dark.  It might have more happy endings.  It might not.  I remember learning about Rilke turning down an opportunity to work with Freud because he feared that if he was cured of his depression, he would be “cured” of being an artist.  At the time that resonated so deeply with me.  I took my pain as an honorable burden to bear, my scars proudly bearing the sign of an artist.  I do still think that pain is a necessary part of being an artist.  Being an artist is recreating the human experience, giving a context for us to feel our feelings, and pain is a part of being human.  But there is so much more to being a human, and thus so much more to being an artist.

I am excited to grow as a human, an artist, a yogini.  To have a fuller experience of everything that life is.

I took these photos the other day, quite honestly because of a need for promotional material, and not out of a spontaneous desire for creative expression.  You might be able to tell.  But I did want share these photos with you and offer a little bit of the light that I’ve been experiencing lately.  (Also, I just can’t help myself around pretty windows and some good natural light.)  Thank you for your patience with my creative process and my healing experience.  There is so much more to come.

Love and Light,

Claire Christine Sargenti

PS: Come take a yoga class with me at the Church of Yoga in New Orleans, and watch out for Friday afternoon classes popping up at my favorite crystal shop in the French Quarter, Earth Odyssey (where these photos were taken).  You can check out my full teaching schedule at                      www.clairevoyant.org


Taken on an iPhone 6S in New Orleans, LA.