To Be A REAL New Orleanian, February 2017 (5 Images)

  • On Sunday I found $43 on the street.  Not all at the same time, but collectively throughout the day.
  • On Monday my bike got stolen.  (Technically, it was my neighbor’s bike; he was graciously letting me borrow it indefinitely.) It was with my boyfriend’s bike, on his property, behind his closed gate when it was stolen.  The bike thief took my bike, but not my boyfriend’s.  The bike thief did however leave me an old junker of a bike, so at least I could still make it to work.  They say you’re not a REAL New Orleanian until your bike gets stolen.  So I guess I’m real now!
  • On Tuesday, my boyfriend’s bike got stolen.  My new junker bike had been locked to his, since my lock had been stolen with my bike.  The lock was cut, his bike was gone, but the thief left my bike behind.  Then my bike broke down and I had to abandon it while riding in the French Quarter.
  • On Wednesday a friend of mine gave me a beautiful new bike that she wasn’t using, and challenged me to take a self portrait on it.  So here it is!  You can’t actually see the bike, but these were all taken while riding the bike.  And yes, I did almost die trying to take these pictures.
  • On Thursday…. Who knows what will happen on Thursday…!

Taken on iPhone 6.  New Orleans, LA