A Portrait From Quarantine. May, 2020 (1 image)

It’s taken me three months to take this photograph. Every once in a while I’ll prop my phone up on some pillows or books trying to create the right camera angle, or I’ll hang up a coat trying to makeshift a quarantine backdrop. Sometimes I take my sun lamp from the bedroom to the bathroom […]

#nofilter psychedelics, March 2020(12 images)

Besides cropping, these photos are completely unedited. I was shooting in a room with no natural light and poor overhead lighting, so I had to get creative. I used large clear sequins from a sequined jacket (Mardi Gras costume), kaleidoscope goggles (also a Mardi Gras costume) and a SAD sun lamp from when I tried […]

I’m Not Afraid Anymore, December 2019 (6 images)

I’m not afraid anymore. For so long I was taught to be afraid of my body. To be ashamed of it. But I’m not afraid anymore. It’s taken a long time to grow past the notions that I was taught to believe growing up. I was a ballet dancer. My teachers told me that my […]

And So I Thrive, June 2019

  I’ve written about my experiences with Epstein Barr here before.  A few months ago I found a book entitled “The Complete Dictionary of Ailments and Diseases” by Jacques Martel.  It lists the emotional constructs at the root of all diseases and dis-eases that humans experience.  When I looked up my symptoms, the wisdom that […]

The Greater the Risk, The Greater the Reward. October, 2018 (3 Images)

So… I tore my calf muscle. Everything happens for a reason. I’m grateful for the good that will come from this experience. But right now, I’m stuck in my apartment because I can’t walk.  I’m taking a ton of Epsom Salt baths to soothe my calf muscle and eating a lot of pomegranate seeds, because […]

Self Love, Ballet, and the #sensualselfiechallenge, September 2018 (13 Images)

For the last five days, there’s been a sensual selfie challenge going on via Instagram.  And I decided to join it.  The entire purpose of the sensual selfie challenge is to encourage womxn to take up space in their own worlds, to embrace their sensuality, and to own their own sexual power.  And it was […]

The Ones Left On The Cutting Room Floor, May 2018 (13-ish Images)

I was scrolling through my old photos looking for some inspiration for a new photo shoot, and I came upon all of these self portraits that were taken for this project, but for one reason or another, never got published.  And it got me thinking about how we edit ourselves – in social media, IRL, […]

Fake Head Shots, May 2018 (6 Images)

One thing you don’t think about when you shave your head is that you will have to have a new head shot every two weeks while you’re growing your hair back out because your hair never stops changing from one awkward phase to another. OK let’s be real.  Nobody has time for head shots every […]

When A Feminist Shaves Her Head, March 2018 (1 Image)

When people shave their heads, there’s usually a radical reason.  They want to support a loved one going through cancer.  They want to express a sentiment of hate towards a different race.  They have become a devote of Krishna.  When a feminist shaves her head, it’s because she’s rejecting the patriarchal suggestion of the feminine […]